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As you may have noticed, I haven’t been around here much lately. I think I’m addicted to the iPad my hubby gave me for Christmas in 2011. It has caused me to become very distracted! Don’t get me wrong – it passes the time quite nicely, but there are often times other things I should be doing than playing games and getting lost in Facebook. This past week I decided to put the iPad down a little more and it has been very freeing! Maybe I will be able to return to blogging if I put it down a little more! Right?!?!

Well, there has been a lot going on around here lately…

Back in October, Todd and I saw this movie called “Forks Over Knives” and it caused us to explore the vegan lifestyle. No meat, no dairy (no cheese – I thought I was going to die!!!), and no animal products. We would be living a plant-based, whole foods diet. That would mean no soda and no processed foods too! You can learn more about the movie and diet here. Let’s just say it was tough – for me anyway! – getting through the month (that was our first goal).

I will say it changed my outlook on food. I lost a couple pounds and felt lighter. I did experience a sort of “hangover” feeling where I felt like I was having withdrawals. I had a major headache for a few days until it finally disappeared. I don’t drink a lot of soda, but even if your body is used to having one or two glasses a day, the sugar detox is pretty harsh.

After our month was up, we made it through the holidays without eating too much meat. We allowed ourselves to be flexible. It’s not like we were eating as vegans because we didn’t want animal lives to be lost, although that did come into play after watching another movie called “Vegucated“ and seeing how animals we eat are so mistreated. But that’s another story!

Let’s fast-forward to today…

Todd is currently on a no/low carb diet to lose a few pounds. He’s definitely been eating meat and dairy products lately. Once he loses the weight he wants to lose, he’ll go back to the more vegan/plant-based/whole foods diet. He’s also been hittin’ the gym more.

I will also admit that I’ve been having lots of meat lately. I ordered a tri-tip sandwich for lunch today! Yikes! Talk about meat! Anyway, when I eat meat like that, the more I think about it, the more it doesn’t sound good. Meat just isn’t as appealing anymore. I haven’t cooked anything with meat in it since we started the diet back in October. Plus, last summer Ruby decided to become a pescatarian – which means the only meat she will eat is seafood. Since I don’t eat seafood – ever – I basically started cooking vegetarian dinners back in July. It’s so much easier and quicker to make dinner without cooking a meat!

Basically, I don’t feel like I’ve been eating very well lately, so I’m going to go back to a more vegetarian lifestyle. By vegetarian I mean I will eat lots of VEGETABLES! So many vegetarians just cut out meat and then carb-it-up all day long. Not good. Vegetables make you feel so much lighter!

The other thing I’ve changed in my life is that I’m exercising! At the gym! I know it sounds weird, but I was scared to go to the gym because I didn’t really know what I was doing. I had to push through and overcome my fear!

I joined a gym – for women only – to take off some of the pressure of a co-ed gym. I’ve only made it about once a week on average. Not a good average, I know! This week I’ve went twice and I will definitely be going again tomorrow afternoon. Three times in one week – it’s a record! Ha, ha! Also, I completed a great treadmill workout yesterday and so it pumped me up a bit! I’m hoping I can have an even better workout tomorrow.

I’ll keep you posted on our diet and exercise!

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